Daddy's Magnifying Glass (11 x 14) $225

Daddy's Magnifying Glass (11 x 14) $225

We’ve been watching a lot of old Survivor Man episodes here. I think that’s why Stephen and the girls decided to start a fire with the magnifying glass. Survivor man often has poor luck with fires. We didn’t do much better. Dry tinder is hard to find in Oregon and the wind kept blowing out the sparks. I gave them a little fire anyway.

I may have exaggerated the fire, but I didn’t have to exaggerate the light. In the late afternoon sun they were perfectly beautiful just as was.

For this painting I went back to my favorite earthy palette of burnt sienna, yellow ocher, cobalt blue and phthalo blue. I used a little quinacridone magenta and cadmium yellow in the skin.

This painting is available on-line through my Etsy shop.

Or purchase a print at Fine Art

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