Shadows Glass and Leaves (12 x 14)  $100.00

Shadows Glass and Leaves (12 x 14) $100.00

Driving down Commercial last summer, I was struck by the shadows of leaves on a stucco building.  I reached for my camera and discovered I’d left it at home.  I drove home hurriedly to get it.  My daughters in the back seat were remarkable patient with me as I drove round the block twice looking for a parking space.  Only eight or nine pictures later did it dawn on me what I was photographing.  It’s a local mortuary.  Never mind,  the shadows and the glass bricks were beautiful.

The shapes were so simple that I drew them freehand onto the watercolor paper.

Most of the painting was done in what I think of as controlled wet-into-wet painting. First I moistened the the small area I wanted to paint and then I dropped the wet color in. I created each glass brick this way.  After the paint dried I went back with a wet brush and  added the darker shadows to each brick. I used phthallo blue, cobalt blue, cadmium yellow, and yellow ocher.

The shadows on the wall are two separate layers of controlled wet into wet.  The first layer was phthallo blue, deep red rose quinacridone, dull a hair with cadmium yellow.  The second layer was cobalt blue and deep red rose.

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