Bouquet of Reeds, Painting by Jenny Armitage

Bouquet of Reeds (11 x 14 watercolor on Aquabord) Available

This is my first painting of my brand new rental toy, the saxophone.   Actually, my sax is far from new, but for my purposes, it’s just fine. I’ve paired it with what is turning out to be most painted instrument, the clarinet.  The clarinet itself is hard to compose with because it’s so long and skinny.  It isn’t metal, it’s lacquered wood; so it does have the shine that drew me to painting instruments in the first place.  But it’s black body is the perfect foil for brass.   So here it is as co-star to the sax.

The painting’s name is thanks to my best friend and critique, who also lent me her daughter’s clarinet.  So I owe a double thanks to Terrie for this one.

Painted on cradled aquabord.  May be framed or hung as is.


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