My New Studio

I haven’t been painting as much since December.   The reasons are various, but all related to our basement flooding.    The water was only about a half inch deep anywhere, but it got a whole number of boxes and other things left by the previous owners wet.   So rather than letting it all mold, we had to actually clean out the basement.   Don’t feel too sorry for me though.  It didn’t take me the last two months to clean out the basement.  But once we had all that basement space cleared out and organized we could use it for other things.

That meant I could separate many things from my studio space.  I was able to move my sewing stuff out of my studio and into the basement.   Many art supplies I only use once or twice a year moved to the basement too.   And then momentum took over.  . . .

We had always planned to  move my studio into the sun-room, when the girls no longer needed it as a playroom.   Now we actually did it. A new table and many trips up and down the stairs (not to mention trips to Goodwill with toys), my studio is now in the sun-room.  I splurged on the table.  It’s designed for science labs and adjusts from standing to sitting height.  As I like to paint standing up, it’s perfect for me.   My computer fits on what were once toy shelves.   A new key board tray slides out from under the shelf, so the computer takes up  no floor space.

New Studio Work Space

The new space is not only efficient and light, but spacious enough to hold wicker furniture as well as well as work space.  So it feels generous and spacious.  My family is happy too, as my old  loft studio is now computer, homework, and board game space.

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