They Were So Juicy and So Sweet ("11 x 14" watercolor on clayboard) Available


The light in my new studio space has inspired me to begin painting glass again.  The light through the windows is just perfect for the subject.  I both enjoyed and went slightly nuts getting all the little shapes in the cut glass bowl, but I happy with the result.

I used a slightly different palette than my usual for the cut glass:  magnesium blue, pthallo blue,  dioxin purple, burnt sienna, quinaciderin deep red rose,  new gamgee, and raw sienna.  The magnesium has a reflective quality all it’s own that very useful in depicting the shine of glass.  The raw sienna helped created the textured background.

Painted on clayboard and finished with a coat of clear polymer varnish this painting my be either framed without glass, or matted and framed like a traditional watercolor.

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