Once more we are headed out for adventure.  This time to the Four Corners and the canyon lands of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.  I have my camera and sketchbook in hand.  I hope to come home with scads of painting material and a few postcard sized paintings done on site.

In the meantime, while prints, and Zazzle goodies will continue to flow, I will not be able to mail paintings until I return.  Our house sitter is a gem: she waters; she feeds the dog; she gets the mail; but alas, she does not mail paintings.  We will be back on the 27th, tired but replete with sunshine.

In the meantime, here are some paintings from vacations past:


And Suddenly The Duomo, Painting By Jenny Armitage

And Suddenly the Duomo (15 x23 watercolor) $700

Between the Showers on HWY 101 (watercolor 10 x 14) SOLD

The Corrougated Plain, a watercolor of Montana by Jenny Armitage.

The Corrogated Plain (11 x 15 watercolor) $175.00

Watercolor Painting of the Decent into Butte, Montana

Montana Road Trip (12 x 18 watercolor) $250

Twixt Wind and Water SOLD

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