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Empty Nest II

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Empty Nest II, An Abstract Painting by Jenny Armitage

Empty Nest II (watercolor 15 x 19) $600

Reflection on becoming an empty nester, via abstract variations of a bird’s nest I found in my backyard.

Or purchase a fine art print.

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Missonary’s Window in Reflection or Almost Abstract

Missionary's Window in Reflection (9 x 12) $75.00

Missionarys Window in Reflection (9 x 12) $75.00

I love the warped reflections made by antique glass window so much that I was sorry to see our 1930′s living room windows replaced with energy efficient modern double paned glass.

But I can still enjoy the warped windows of the Mission Mill Museum. Here, reflected in the mill warehouse, is of the youngest of the three missionary houses moved to the Mill site after it became a museum. The painting is true to the shape and colors of the reflected of parsonage house, but not to the color of the Mill warehouse. In real life the mill and warehouse are brick red.

I painted it because the reflection made such a satisfying abstract design.

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