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Three Towers

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Three Laccan Towers, Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

"Three Luccan Towers" (17 x 19 watercolor) $500

Another Italian painting, this time of Lucca.  The view is from a window in yet a fourth tower.  I will have to paint the tower we climbed.  The oak trees growing from it’s roof give it a surreal feel.

Or purchase a fine art print.

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Late Afternoon Florence

Late Afternoon Florence, Painting by Jenny Armitage

Late Afternoon Florence (13 x 22 watercolor) $600

Florence is worth visiting just to walk the streets.   The twisting turning little alleys are endlessly fascinating.  The light pours through in dramatic shafts between the buildings spotlighting slivers of streets and buildings.

Or purchase a fine art print.

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Rue Galande

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Rue Galande, Watercolor of Paris by Jenny Armitage

Rue Galande (watercolor 19 x 13) $500

Another painting taken from our trip to Europe last summer.  This charming little street is close to Nortre Dame, but at least a little off the beaten path.    Like many of the streets in the area, it curves charmingly.

I poured this painting in much the same manner as  July in Florence.  The process is much like batik and leads to clear color passages that make buildings glow.

July in Florence, Painting of Old Florence by Jenny Armitage

July in Florence (13 x 23 watercolor) $600

Or purchase a fine art print.

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Downtown Portland

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Cityscape by Jenny Armitage

Afternoon on SW 11th Street (watercolor 10 x 14) $200

This is downtown Portland about a block south of Burnside.    The little building peaking out on the left is our Portland mecca, Powell’s Books.  But it’s the bright old fashioned brick building lit up by the sun in contrast with the glass and steel building behind them that caught my eye.

I simplified the buildings considerably, taking out much brick ornamentation.  I eliminated a few street lights and lamps too.  I also moved the shadow forward a little to encompass all of the foreground cars.  Before I made the change, the closest left-hand car stole the show. The pedestrian was on the  on the scene, but not where I’ve placed him.  My applogies to the Joyce Hotel whose name I removed from their canopy since it drew too much attention to itself.

The palate is simple, cobalt blue, phthalo blue, quinacridone brown madder, and raw sienna.

Or purchase a print here.
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Women in the Surf

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Women at Lincoln City Beach by watercolorist Jenny Armitage

Women in the Surf (watercolor 11 x 15) $175.00

This is a little painting I started just before we left on vacation and finished while we were en-route.   Kinda fun putting the finishing touches on a beach painting while staying at a motel in West Yellowstone, Idaho.  How much more land locked could I have been?

As with many of my beach paintings, I was trying to catch the immediacy of confronting the wall of water.  It is an all consuming moment.  In this case that all consuming moment was in the late afternoon, facing a back-lit ocean.  People were almost silhouetted against it and the spray shown white.

Or purchase a print from my website at

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