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Freight at Dusk

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Freight at Duck, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Freight at Dusk (16 x 21 watercolor) $600

I drive through Albany on my way to Art in the Valley several times a month.  Crossing over the railway bridge I admire the trains, but there’s no place to pull over and stop.  So last month, I made a point of pulling into the station and walking up the bridge to photograph the trains.   I may do it again at a different time of day.

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Albany Painted Lady

Victorian House, A Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Albany Painted Lady (watercolor 11 x 14) $175

Passing through old downtown Albany, Oregon, I was struck by the bright morning light on the Victorian houses.  I stopped to photograph them.   Some of the houses are the National Register of Historic places.   This one is the Ralston House, 1889.   But it’s not the history, its the beautiful shadows cast by the brickenbrack that caught my eye.

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