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Dining Canalside

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Dining Canalside, Painting of Amsterdam by Jenny Armitage

Dining Canalside, (17 x 22 watercolor and pastel) Available

This is eating out Amsterdam style.  The painting is mostly watercolor with a few pastel accents.

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Old Kirk

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Haarlem Kirk, original painting of The Netherlands by Jenny Armitage

Haarlem Kirk (16 x 23 watercolor) Available

We spent our last day in the Neatherlands in Haarlem.  Haarlem is just just under a half hour by train from Amsterdam, but feels like it’s miles away because where Amsterdam is large and lively, Haarlem is small and quiet.

The young women in the foreground were adding more chalk to a square already covered in graffiti. None of it was pictorial and all of it obviously washes off with each night’s rain.

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The Stairs To Cesky Krumlov

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Stairs to Cesky Krumlov, Painting by Jenny Armitage

Stairs to Cesky Krumlov (12 x 22 watercolor) SOLD,

Cesky Krumlov  is a magical town of twisting streets, nestled in a river bend.  The castle, churches, and residential neighborhoods  occupy the hill about town.   This is the view is the from the residential neighborhood above the river.  The “street” down into town is actually a stairway.

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a fine art print.

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Bridge to Cesky Krumlov

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Bridge to Cesky Krumlov, Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Bridge to Cesky Krumlov (13 x 17 watercolor) Available

Cesky Krumlov sits in a bend of Vltava River in the Czech Republic. It is a walkers town.  And if you walk, you eventually cross the Vltava.  All the bridges are charming and walkable.

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From the Travel Sketchbook: Central Europe 2016


These are a few sketches from my travel diary:

Charles Church, Vienna, Skctch by Jenny Armitage

Karls Kirk, Vienna, Austria (Felt-tip Pen)

The little figures in the boxes show the pedestrian signals in and around Karlsplatz which have been redone in celebration of gay marriage.

Masserchmidt Head, Belvedere Palace, Sketch by Jenny Armitage

F.X. Messerschmidt Head, Belvedere Palace (Felt-tip Pen)

The Upper Belveder Palace has a wonderful collection of Klimt.  But the room that draws the most smiles in the one that contains Felix Xavier Messerschmidt’s expressive sculptured faces.

Accordian Players with Horse Heads in Vienna, a Sketch by Jenny Armitage

Accordion Players With Horse Heads, Vienna (Felt-tip Pen)

Playing folk music on accordions in Vienna, is a street performers’ staple.

Details from the Jewish Museum, Prague (Felt-tip Pen)

Prague’s Jewish Museum consists of three synagogues, and and cemetary with explanatory display cases.   My sketch shows an outside window and a detail from a case.

Viktualienmarkt, Munich, Germany, Sketch by Jenny Armitage

Viktualienmarkt, Munich (Felt-tip Pen)

The beer garden in old town Munich includes many green grocers, cheese mongers and other non beer vendors (the beer and sausage in quite fine too).

Art Nouveau Municipal Building, Prague, Sketch by Jenny Armitage

Municipal Building, Prague, Cezch Republic (Felt-tip Pen)

The Municipal Building is an Art Nouveau wonder inside and out.

Salzburg from Fortress, Austria (Felt-tip Pen)

Salzburg from the landing in front of the Fortress.

The Saint Charles Bridge, Prage, Sketch by Jenny Armitage

St. Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic (Felt-tip Pen)

The bridge is beautiful whether you are on it or looking at it from another bridge.  It is also crowded during the day.  This sketch is from the early morning when I had it almost to myself.

Sketch of St. Vitus Cathedral and Cerney Scupture by Jenny Armitage

St. Vitus Cathedral and Cerney Sculpture (Felt-tip Pen)

Pragues homeboy David Cerney, has absurdist sculpture all over town.  Most of it is bronze.  The little bit from the Swedish Embassy is anomatronic, forever running.

Drawing of Tabor, Czech Republic, by Jenny Armitage

Tabor, Czech Republic (Felt-tip Pen)

Tabor, Czech Republic, from the old gate tower.

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Dreaming of Prague

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St. Charles Bridge at Night, Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Dreaming of Prague (watercolor 16 x 21) SOLD

Impressionists view of the Saint Charles Bridge at night.

This painting has sold, but you may still purchase a fine art print.

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