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Brass, Wind, and Shadows

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Brass Winds and Shadow, Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Brass Winds and Shadow (11 x 14 watercolor on clayboard) SOLD

Another instrument still life painting.  I did this one mostly at the gallery yesterday working on little details between customers.  I love the way the shiny brass pops in this painting, when I finished it yesterday morning I was both vaguely dissatisfied with it and puzzled over where to put a signature.  You see, I had planned the painting to be hung horizontally with the big trombone horn at the bottom, and the  so the whole bottom edge was busy and full.   Then it occurred to me that since the view was straight down, it could just as logically be hung upside down.  So I tried all four angles.  I like this upright view much better than the horizontal view I planned.   It has more visual energy, and the eye enters from the bottom left hand corner, which is the most natural entry point.

Once again painted on Ampersand’s aquabord.  This time I painted on cradled board which mean that the clayboard rests on a two inch thick wooden frame which I have painted black.  The painting may either be framed like an oil or acrylic without glass or, for a sleek modern look, hung as is.

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a print from Fine Art

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Triumphant Daisies

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Triumphant Daisies, Instrumental Still Life by Jenny Armitage

Triumphant Daisies (watercolor 10 x 10) Available

This is the second painting from my mirror and instrument shoot, this time from a more conventional angle.  The color choice is rather more conventional too, a complementary scheme of yellow and purple with a little bit of the neighboring complements, blue and orange.


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