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Fall Remnants

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Fall Remnants, Original Artwork by Jenny Armitage

Fall Remnants (collage 16 x 20) Available

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Dutch, Collage Painting of a Dog, by Jenny Armitage

Dutch (16 x 20 Collage) Available

We saw this friendly dog looking out of a canal house in Akmaar.  He just demanded to be immortalized in collage.



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Chair with Sunflowers

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Sunflower Collage by Jenny Armitage

Sunflowers with Chair (16 x 20 Collage) Available

This is the first collage I’ve published on-line.  It is hand-printed paper on plywood.

I began my foray into collage by hand-printing and hand-marbling paper to create a paper palate.  I print paper using stamps, found objects, combs, palate knifes, and other implements to texture acrylic paint on a gel pad.  As I work, I stamp a sheet of paper with the paint I’m lifting from the gel pad.  When I have the gel pad textured to my satisfaction, I lift one or two prints from it’s surface by laying paper down on the pad.  Later, I may stamp the gel pad mono-prints with a contrasting color.  The goal is to have many textures in a full range of color and value.

Ultimately I tear the paper into little pieces and glue it to boards with liquitex to create paper “paintings.”


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