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Bowl Full of Spring

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Bowl Full of Spring, Floral Painting by Jenny Armitage

"Bowl Full of Spring" (11 x 14" watercolor on aquabord) Available

I’m still busy working through glass and reflections.  Long time readers with recognize the green mister.  I love painting it.  In ordinary household lighting, it is a dull unexceptional object.  With the sun shinning through it, it is magical. The camellias are fresh out of the garden.  Here in Salem camellias mean Spring has come.

This time my palette was: phtalo green, phthalo blue, quinacridone magental, new gamgee, and dixion purple.  I used a hint of burnt sienna to dull and darken the greens and for the metal parts of the mister.

Painted on Ampersand’s  aquaboard and mounted on a 2 inch black cradle frame the painting is ready to hang.  Hung this was the effect is much like a gallery wrapped canvas.  A frame may be added for a more traditional look.

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Out For Spring Cleaning

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Painting of Cut Glass by Jenny Armitage

Out For Spring Cleaning (11 x 14 watercolor on clayboard) Available

It’s Spring cleaning time here at the Armitage residence.   With a little dusting and a little sun, my cut crystal sparkles.  I can’t imagine another time of year I’d have all of the cut crystal out at once, but it sure does shine when I do.  The lighting was a little bit tricky because I arranged the glass on the shelves in my new studio.  From there the glass is back lit through one set of windows and indirectly front lit through the others.   The result is a lot of extra glitter.

Like the metal instruments I’ve been painting the last few months, cut glass is all about shine and it contrast in values that makes shine.  The actual colors don’t really matter so much as long as the values are right.   For this set of crystal I used primarily cobalt blue, pthalo blue,  new gamgee, burnt sienna and dioxin purple.   There are hints of magnesium blue, and touch of pthalo green.

Painted on clayboard and mounted on a black cradle frame, this painting is ready to hang.  For a more traditional look, a frame may be added.

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They Were So Juicy and So Sweet

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They Were So Juicy and So Sweet ("11 x 14" watercolor on clayboard) Available


The light in my new studio space has inspired me to begin painting glass again.  The light through the windows is just perfect for the subject.  I both enjoyed and went slightly nuts getting all the little shapes in the cut glass bowl, but I happy with the result.

I used a slightly different palette than my usual for the cut glass:  magnesium blue, pthallo blue,  dioxin purple, burnt sienna, quinaciderin deep red rose,  new gamgee, and raw sienna.  The magnesium has a reflective quality all it’s own that very useful in depicting the shine of glass.  The raw sienna helped created the textured background.

Painted on clayboard and finished with a coat of clear polymer varnish this painting my be either framed without glass, or matted and framed like a traditional watercolor.

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Apples and Oranges

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Apples and Oranges (13 x 18 inch watercolor) $250.00

I had to watch my youngest daughter like a hawk to get this one painted.  She loves the sweet miniature Clementine oranges and kept threatening to eat my still life before I had it painted.  I don’t blame her much.  Clemetines are so very sweet and so small you can eat three or four of them and have had less than a full sized orange.

The palette is raw sienna, burnt sienna, cobalt blue, french blue, phthalo blue, quinacridone magenta and hansa yellow.  The magenta and the new hansa make a perfect orange colored orange.

Or purchase a print from Fine Art

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