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Top of Milan

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Top of Milan Painting by Jenny Armitage of an Italian Cathedral

Top of Milan (watercolor 14 x 22) SOLD

When we Armitages travel, we climb things–towers, monuments, mountains, cathedrals, arches– we generally go up for the purpose of looking down.  We are never disappointed.  We weren’t disappointed in Milan.  But the Milan Cathedral rooftop is different.  The rooftop itself is an amazing place to be.  It would be an amazing place were it on the ground floor.  Here is my first painting of the marble forest that lives atop the Milan Duomo.

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The Ultimate Alley View

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The Ultimate Alley View, Painting of the Duomo, Florence, Italy

The Ultimate Alley View (12 x 19 watercolor) SOLD

A colorful back alley view of the Duomo, Florence, Italy.

This painting has sold, but you may still purchase a fine art print.

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And Suddenly, The Duomo

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And Suddenly The Duomo, Painting By Jenny Armitage

And Suddenly the Duomo (15 x23 watercolor) Available

Old town Florence streets are shaded lanes so narrow they almost feel like tunnels running at irregular angles to each other.  The view at the end of the tunnel is often as not another narrow lane cutting the street off at not quite a right angle.   But here there the streets open into plazas with startling sunny views of churches, cathedrals, bridges, train stations and castles.  Walking from our apartment, the Duomo complex burst upon us in much the same way–the light at the end of the tunnel.

Another poured watercolor painting, a process much like batik.


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