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Fall Remnants

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Fall Remnants, Original Artwork by Jenny Armitage

Fall Remnants (collage 16 x 20) $400

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Winter Warrior

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Winter Warrior, Original Tree Painting, by Jenny Armitage

Winter Warrior (watercolor and gouache 16 x 23) SOLD

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Foggy Path

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Foggy Path, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Foggy Path (14 x 22 watercolor on paper) SOLD

Another one that sold before I could post it.  Prints are available at Pixels.

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Fog Over Croisan Valley

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Fog Over Croisan Valley, Original Painting of Salem, Oregon by Jenny Armitage

Fog Over Croisan Valley (17 x 23 watercolor) Sold

This painting is a little closer to home than most of my recent work.  I see this view every morning on the way home from my walk down Croisan Scenic Trail.  The trial occupies a long thin, Salem park with our neighborhood a hundred feet above it and Croisan Creek a few hundred feet below it.  The path is beautiful in all seasons and rarely feels nearly as close to town as it is.   It’s particularly evocative in the fog.

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a fine art print.

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Autumn Landscape of the Mind

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Pastel of Autumn Morning Landscape Near Grand Tetons National Park

Autumn Landscape of the Mind (pastel 12 x 17) SOLD

This pastel is based loosely on a photo I took just east of Tetons National Park in Wyoming. The early morning light made the grass glow almost yellow against the darker hills. I drove my family slightly batty stopping the car over and over to take yet another picture of light on the hills. I was actually pleased when when had to wait twenty minutes twice for construction. I liked this view in particular because of the way the beckons you in.

But my pastel could hardly feel less like early Wyoming summer. It seems we’ve never quite gotten summer here in Oregon this year and my mind has moved right along to fall. So I went where my mind is, and left June behind, converting dying pines into turning foliage and taking the grass even further yellow. But I left the morning light.

Working on the rough side of peach colored Canson Mi-Teintes I used almost entirely soft pastels. Only the foreground grass went in in hard pastel. The shadows in the grass are more soft pastel.

The blues, greens and oranges came very naturally. I added a few hints of purple in the shadows to set of the yellow grass.

This painting has sold, but you may purchase a print through my gallery at Fine Art America.

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