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Counting Sheep

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Counting Sheep, Original Drawing in Pen and Ink by Jenny Armitage

Counting Sheep (pen and ink 11 x 11) available

My daughter says my sheep is smug–smug because he can count.¬† Let him be smug, as long as he, not me, does the midnight counting.

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Horsing Around With Accordions

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Horsing Around With Accordian, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Horsing Around With Accordions (watercolor 17x20) SOLD

Buskers with wearing horse-heads and playing the accordion are standard Vienna fare. We heard these three coming to and going from The Leopold. They were loud, enthusiastic and good, playing both traditional folk and a few pop pieces. But mostly they are just visually fun.

—This painting has sold, but you can still¬†purchase a fine art print.

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