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The Wheel in Color

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The Wheel in Color, Bicycle Painting by Jenny Armitage

The Wheel in Color (13 x 18 watercolor) Available

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One More Painting From the Mission Mill Museum

Washroom Gears (8 x 10)  $75.00

Washroom Gears (8 x 10) $75.00

Yes, this is another painting of the machinery at the Mission Mill Museum. The barrel and gears are part of the fleece washing machine. It not only washed the fleeces but also pulled them apart and removed the debris. There was a lot of debris. Wool is a magnet for sticks, and bark, and other messy things.

The washroom is a dark place. Only the machinery is lit which casts dramatic shadows over the metal. In keeping with the dark room, I used a very limited palette: phthalo blue, burnt sienna, and quinacridone deep red rose. I mixed little or nothing on the palette. The color is mixed either with multiple washes or by dropping one color into another.

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