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View From the Cloister

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View From the Cloister, A Watercolor of Westminster Abbey By Jenny Armitage

View From The Cloister (watercolor 15 x 23) $600

This is Westminster Abbey as seen through the wrought iron work of the cloister.  It is the view visitors now see just before they exit the abbey complex.   But for hundreds of years it was the view seen by the monks on their way to services.

Or purchase a fine art print.

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Gothic Specter

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Gothic Specter, Painting of Christchurch, by Jenny Armitage

Gothic Specter (11 x 15 watercolor) $200

The Gothic archways surrounding the quads in churches and colleges have always intrigued me.  This one happens to be at Christchurch, in Oxford, but it could be one of hundreds in Britain.  The ribbed ceilings and the slanting light from the quad are always both beautiful and romantic.

In this painting I exaggerated the contrast poured the colors.


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