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Miranda del Castanar

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Via Miranda, Original Painting of Spanish Village by Jenny Armitage

Via Miranda (watercolor 9 x 19) $250

From Miranda del Castanar, all the views are vistas but all the vistas are framed by narrow streets.  This little half timbered village, with a population of less than five hundred is a joy to wander.


The View From Miranda, an Original Painting of Miranda del Canastar by Jenny Armitage

The View From Miranda (watercolor 11 x 19) $300

The paintings are the same length but different widths and would make a nice set.  They are available either individually or discounted slightly as a set.


Painting Choices

Prints are available here.

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Church of San Martin

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The Church in San Martin, Watercolor of Spanish Mountain Village by J. Armitage

The Church in San Martin (16 x 23 watercolor) Reserved for WSO Fall 2018

San Martin de Trevjo is a sleepy mountain village in Extramadura, Spain.  I spent a happy couple hours wandering among the half-timbered homes there.

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