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Between Amusements

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At the Fair, Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Between Amusements (17 x 21 watercolor) $700

For the last four years I’ve been taking pictures of the Oregon State Fair confident that with all those people and colors there must be a good painting in there somewhere.   Four years of pictures with images taken from four different photos and I finally have one.

Or purchase a fine art print.

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Mexican Cafe Take Two

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Painting of a Shady Street By Jenny Armitage

The Shady Side of the Street (watercolor 9 x 13) $200

I redid my Mexican Cafe from scratch and I like it much better.  I used the same reference photo and the same palette.   The real change is the composition.   This time the shadow leads the eye right into the diners.  And I eliminated much of the detail in the building to keep the eye there.

I took it to my critique group yesterday and it got rave reviews.  Someone pointed out that the  composition works so well that it even looks good upside down as an abstract painting.  Now, if only I could figure out how to do this every time.

An Abstract?

This painting is currently for sale on line at my Etsy shop. Or purchase a print from my print gallery at Fine Art America. (Fine Art America offers many prints of fine watercolor paintings).

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