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Waking Forest

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Waking Forest, Original Painting of a Nymph by Jenny Armitage

Waking Forest (watercolor 13 x 18) Available

A Columbia Gorge nymph emerges out of the landscape.

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Aqua Falls

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Aqua Falls, Original Painting of Opal Creek by Jenny Armitage

Aqua Falls (watercolor 16 x 23) SOLD

No these falls aren’t actually named the Aqua Falls. I don’t know their name. I think of them as the aqua falls, because the water is the most beautiful aqua color there. There being the first falls on the Opal Creek Trail, east of Salem, Oregon. If you hike the trail you’ll find them just as you reach the abandoned mill machinery. You have to scramble a little off trail down some rocks to reach this view of them. The good news is you’ll probably have them to yourself.

This painting has sold, but you may still purchase a fine art print.

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