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Harbor Abstract


This Blog is my Virtual Booth:

Buy Original Paintings and Drawings:

All of my priced original watercolors and pen and ink drawings are available for purchase here.   My more recent posts include the price of the artwork  framed (if it is currently framed) and unframed f0r each available piece and a picture of the piece as framed.  You are welcome to browse back further.  In older posts, the watercolors may only be listed as “available or “sold.”  If you are interested in one of these older paintings, inquire at jennycarmitage@gmail.com and I will let you know the price and whether the painting is currently framed.

Please scroll through the posts to view my artwork. You can also jump to any artwork featured in this post but clicking on it’s title or use the links at the bottom of this post to jump to whole categories of artwork.  You can also use the categories and search functions in the sidebar to look for particular paintings, subjects, and media.

Special Shipping And Delivery During the Salem Art Fair

During the fair  I will deliver purchases of over $300 to anywhere within 50 miles of Salem.  If you prefer, you may pick up any purchase at my south Salem home.  As per usual, I will also ship unframed artwork anywhere in the continental United States for free.

To Purchase a Painting:

Send an email to: jennycarmitage@gmail.com.  Include: 1. your name and the address you would like the paintings delivered to (and your phone number if you prefer to communicate by text); the name(s) of the artwork you wish to purchase and whether you would like them framed or unframed; and whether you would like the artwork delivered, available for pickup, or shipped.


I will send you a PayPal invoice for all of the work requested.  The invoice may be paid by credit card or PayPal.  Artwork to be delivered or picked up at my home may be paid half upon ordering via PayPal invoice and half upon receipt by cash or credit card.

Buy Reproductions:

Reproductions of my artwork are available here.

Painting Demonstration:

To see a demonstration of how I paint click here.



Into the Woods

On the Rocks

Forest Archway


The Covid Line

Snow on Croisen Creek




If you are interested in my landscapes click here to pull up a full list of my landscapes.


Toledo Morning





If you are interested in my buildings, bridges, and cityscapes, click here.




Moored Garden




Paintings from European trips are here




Bird Brain


Surreal Drawings and Paintings are Here.


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