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Teddy and Friends

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Teddy and Friends, painting by Jenny Armitage

Teddy and Friends (watercolor 17 x 20) commissioned


This is a commissioned piece for a local nurse practitioner who wanted a still life painting to appeal to little boys.  The irony is that most of the toys belong to my girls.  But, we did have to borrow the mitt and baseball from one of my daughter’s friends.

I painted it at the Oregon State Fair.   Demonstrating watercolor while stopping answer questions about other paintings, prints, and cards is always a bit of a hat-trick for me.  Detailed paintings require great concentration, and loose paintings are easily spoiled by stopping at the wrong moment.  This painting is full of small shapes and distinct items, making it a perfect painting to do in public.  Each object could be treated as a separate little painting and there was very little glazing that might be spoiled by stopping at the wrong moment.  No the less, I did wait to do the final touches back in the studio.

Since then it’s been waiting in my studio for my client to come home from vacation.  I delivered it to her this morning and she’s pleased. The studio looks a little empty, but I’m replacing it with other things.

The original was sold before I began, but fine art prints are available here.


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Music Day and Night or the Bear Facts

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Midnight Duet, watercolor painting of a Sax and Clarinet by Jenny Armitage

Midnight Duet (watercolor 7 x 10) available

These two little instrument paintings were done at very different times in very different moods.  I began “Midnight Duet” yesterday afternoon and worked late into the evening to do it.  Given the painting’s dramatic night time lighting that seems appropriate. 

“Noon Trio,” I began on vacation in the early morning.  I think of it as the bear painting though there are no bears in it.

Noon Trio, painting of a Jazzy Trio, by Jenny Armitage

Noon Trio (watercolor 7 x 10) SOLD

I painted it at my brother’s woodland house above Albuquerque, which he had kindly lent us for a couple of nights.  I was working at the dining room table engrossed in the trumpet when a bump against the window caught my attention.  That was as close as I’ve ever seen a live bear.  He as only about six feet away peering curiously in.  I wasn’t terrified, but I felt very, very alive and my brain when into hyper-drive. The windows on the bear’s side of the dining room were closed, but just on the other corner they wide open.  So I stood up to close them, and the bear turned and lumbered away looking back over his shoulder just before disappearing into the forest.  I closed the rest of the downstairs windows just for good measure.

I told my father and niece at breakfast at a local cafe and got a raft of  neighborhood bear stories.  The most amusing centered around a bear reaching in through a kitchen window to sample a birthday cake.  But mostly the bears just want garbage and quickly learn which neighborhoods put out their garbage when.  I think mine was mostly curious.  “Look at the funny people.”


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