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The Yellow Church in Zahara

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The Yellow Church, Watercolor Painting of the Torre del Reloj by Jenny Armitage

The Yellow Church (watercolor 16 x 23) available

This is the Plaza Mayor in the village of Zahara, Cadiz Province, Spain.  The village is one of the more picturesque pueblos blancos in Andulacia.  The church I’ve painted is known as the Torre del Reloj (Yellow Tower), and it dominates the square.


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Ringing in the Brass

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Ringing in the Brass, Painting of a Trombone by Jenny Armitage

Ringing in the Brass (8 x8 watercolor on clayboard) SOLD

Trombone bell resting on the bells and facing a flute. My daughter says this one has a Christmasy feel to it and I think she is right. In any case, I like the red and gold.

This painting has sold, but prints available through my print shop and Fine Art America.

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