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On the Way to the Sagrada Familia

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On the Way to the Sagrada Familia, Painting of Barcelona By Jenny Armitage

On the Way to the Sagrada Familia (watercolor 15 x22) SOLD

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Bike Lucca, a Painting of Italy, by Jenny Armitage

Bike Lucca (watercolor 16 x 21) available

This is Lucca.  It could be just about any narrow lane in the old part of a Tuscan city, but this particular lane is in Lucca.  The bicyclist is appropriate, because Lucca is a bicyclist’s city.  The old city wall around town has been paved as a broad street for pedestrians and cyclists, and everyone, natives and tourists alike seem to spend much of their time biking the wall.  Down in the city, bikes are as common as at Oxford.

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Pausing Before the Bridge

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Pausing Before the Bridge, Watercolor of the Bridge of Sighs by Jenny Armitage

Bridge of Sighs (13 x 19 watercolor) SOLD

This is Hertford Bridge, more commonly known as the The Bridge o Sighs, after the The Bridge of Sighs in Venice.   It connects the two quads of Hertford College, in Oxford, England.  It doesn’t really resemble Venice’s Bridge of Sighs, but it is beautiful, and quintessentially Oxford.  We visited in the late afternoon when street was beautifully shadowed.

This painting has sold but you can still  purchase a fine art print.
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Corvallis Alley

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Alley Shortcut (10 x 14 watercolor) SOLD

I drove into Corvallis a little early a couple mornings ago and spent the extra  time before opening the gallery taking pictures of downtown.  The sun was out, but it had just recently rained and the streets were still wet.  The light was gorgeous.   This little alley is just a couple blocks from Art in the Valley.  The reflected light running up the damp pavement caught my eye.

I used a limited palate, but not as limited as my last cityscape: cobalt blue, phthalo blue, raw sienna and quinacridone brown madder. The vast bulk of the painting is brown madder and phthalo blue.

[This painting sold February 23rd 2012, but you may still purchase a print from Fine Art America.]

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