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Bird Brain

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Bird Brain, Visual Pun, by Jenny Armitage

Bird Brain (India Ink 14 x 16) available

I have a very visual mind.  When someone says “bird brain,” I’m apt to see something like this.  But I particularly liked this visual pun, because it hints at the intelligence of  birds, which is often as great or greater than mammals with similar lifestyles.  Ironically, owls are not particularly bright birds, but crows, hawks, and ravens are.


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Tree Pose

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Tree Pose, Yoga Pen and Ink by Jenny Armitage

Tree Pose: Root Your Foot Down (pen and ink 11 x 18) available

In many standing yoga poses the instructions are to root down through your standing leg.  That seems particularly fitting for tree pose.

Digitally Altered Limited Edition Prints: 9 x 12 $6o.

Tree Pose on White (digitally altered pen and ink 11 x 14) $60

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