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Chaco Canyon Commission

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Chaco Canyon Doorway, Original Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Anasazi Doorway (16 x 21 watercolor) commissioned

This piece was commissioned as a companion piece to Sky City Mission.

Sky City Mission, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Sky City Mission (sold)


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The Stairs To Cesky Krumlov

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Stairs to Cesky Krumlov, Painting by Jenny Armitage

Stairs to Cesky Krumlov (12 x 22 watercolor) SOLD,

Cesky Krumlov  is a magical town of twisting streets, nestled in a river bend.  The castle, churches, and residential neighborhoods  occupy the hill about town.   This is the view is the from the residential neighborhood above the river.  The “street” down into town is actually a stairway.

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a fine art print.

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Diocletian Courtyard

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Diocletian Courtyard, Watercolor By Jenny Armitage

Diocletian Courtyard (watercolor 13 x 18) Available exclusively at Art in the Valley, Corvallis $500

This is an upward view of the courtyard behind the Diocletian Baths currently the Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri, in Rome.

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