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Bridge of Sighs


Barcelona Gothic

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Barcelona Gothic, Painting of the Pont del Bisbe by Jenny Armitage

Barcelona Gothic (watercolor) available



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Pausing Before the Bridge

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Pausing Before the Bridge, Watercolor of the Bridge of Sighs by Jenny Armitage

Bridge of Sighs (13 x 19 watercolor) SOLD

This is Hertford Bridge, more commonly known as the The Bridge o Sighs, after the The Bridge of Sighs in Venice.   It connects the two quads of Hertford College, in Oxford, England.  It doesn’t really resemble Venice’s Bridge of Sighs, but it is beautiful, and quintessentially Oxford.  We visited in the late afternoon when street was beautifully shadowed.

This painting has sold but you can still  purchase a fine art print.
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Sketch Diary Part One: London

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Title Page

I decided to try to add watercolor sketches to my usual travel diary on our trip to England and Europe this summer.  I bought a little eight half-pan watercolor set and couple of waterproof black markers for the purpose.   I didn’t get more than about  two sketches every three days in because our days were full and no one wanted to drop everything and wait while I sketched.  So I sketched on the fly in pencil and added ink and watercolor in the evenings.

The journal paper while intended for sketching  isn’t really intended for water-media, so I had to work pretty dry.  The results are more whimsical than accurate and the colors are often downright fanciful.  So without further ado, or  apology, here are my sketches of London and surrounding cities:

St. Paul's, London

White Tower with Knight

Canterbury Cathedral

Bridge of Sighs, Oxford

Tower Bridge Opening

The London part of our trip was pretty much a WWII extravaganza.   The highlights included The Imperial War Museum, The Churchill War Rooms, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  St. Paul’s was a symbol of hope during the Blitz, and though everything around it was destroyed by bomb and fire, the Cathedral remained almost unharmed.

In addition to London itself we visited Hampton Court, Oxford, and Canterbury by train.

I took over seven hundred photos during the trip, and I to make many paintings of England, Italy, France, and Switzerland.  In the meantime I will post my travel sketches one city at a time.

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