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Looking Up Cologne

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Looking Up Cologne, Original Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Looking Up Cologne (watercolor 10 x 14) available

The tower leading up to Cologne Cathedral’s tower is uniquely lit with multiple windows.  Here is my take on the view up to the bells.


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Seville: City of Color

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To The Cathedral, Watercolor Painting of Seville, Spain by Jenny Armitage

To the Cathedral (watercolor 15 x 19) SOLD

Santa Cruz in the Barrio on a street leading to the Seville Cathedral.

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a fine art print.

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Looking Up

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Looking Up, an Original Painting of a Gothic Cathedral, by Jenny Armitage

Looking Up (watercolor 12 x 17) sold

Looking up from the nave of Seville Cathedral, Spain.

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April on the Plaza Mayor

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April on the Plaza Mayor, Original Painting of Spain, by Jenny Armitage

April of the Plaza Mayor (watercolor 15 x 23) available


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Hunchbacked Gargoyle

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Hunchbacked Gargoyle, Watercolor of Notre Dame by Jenny Armitage

Hunchbacked Gargoyle (16 x 18 watercolor) available

The view from atop Notre Dame, Paris.

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Top of Milan

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Top of Milan Painting by Jenny Armitage of an Italian Cathedral

Top of Milan (watercolor 14 x 22) SOLD

When we Armitages travel, we climb things–towers, monuments, mountains, cathedrals, arches– we generally go up for the purpose of looking down.  We are never disappointed.  We weren’t disappointed in Milan.  But the Milan Cathedral rooftop is different.  The rooftop itself is an amazing place to be.  It would be an amazing place were it on the ground floor.  Here is my first painting of the marble forest that lives atop the Milan Duomo.

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Saint Pauls Cathedral

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A Spire of Saint Pauls, Painting the Cathedral by Jenny Armitage

A Spire of Saint Paul's (11 x 15 watercolor) available

This is one of the twin clock tower spires of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London.  I love Saint Paul’s Cathedral though it is nothing like the Gothic Cathedrals I fell in love with on my first trip the England.  Unlike England’s early cathedrals, Saint Paul’s was designed by a single man, Sir Christopher Wren and built over just thirty years.  The result is a clean coherent building rather unlike the the quirky cathedrals I first admired.

Wren designed and saw built numerous churches in the vicinity to compliment and be complimented by the cathedral.   But in the London Blitz practically the entire neighborhood was bombed and burned to the ground.  The cathedral is now surrounded by modern offices.  The Millennium Bridge now leads directly to it providing a very modern show case for Wren’s jewel.

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Gothic Specter

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Gothic Specter, Painting of Christchurch, by Jenny Armitage

Gothic Specter (11 x 15 watercolor) available

The Gothic archways surrounding the quads in churches and colleges have always intrigued me.  This one happens to be at Christchurch, in Oxford, but it could be one of hundreds in Britain.  The ribbed ceilings and the slanting light from the quad are always both beautiful and romantic.

In this painting I exaggerated the contrast poured the colors.

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Pilgrims at the Gate

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"Pilgrims at the Gate" a watercolor of Canterbury by Jenny Armitage

Pilgrims and the Gate (watercolor 15 x 20) SOLD



This is Canterbury.   I began with reference photos showing  Canterbury Cathedral’s spires rising above the gate, but in the end I cut back to the gate itself.   The gate is now the only approach for tourists, and  the streets leading up to it are charming.   But despite the Tudor buildings, it is modern.  There are Starbucks and Subways.  These tourist use smart phones and get their cash for ATMs.  Rather than providing a refuge and a place to sleep for pilgrims, the cathedral charges  a fee to tour the cathedral and view the place where Thomas a Becket was murdered.

Like the Arch of Titus below, this painting is primarily poured rather than painted with a brush.  The result is rich color with a graphic feel.

This painting has sold, but you may purchase an art print.

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