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Italian Heat

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Italian Heat, Original Painting of a Couple Bicycling in Florence by Jenny Armitage

Italian Heat (watercolor 15 x 22) SOLD

We visited Florence in the heat of summer.  The shady narrow streets opening up into white hot plazas continues to fascinate me.   Couples biking over the rough stone streets had their own heat.

This painting sold but you may still purchase a fine art print.

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Pure Nostalgia

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Pure Nostalgia, Original Bicycle Painting by Jenny Armitage

Pure Nostalgia (watercolor 15 x 27) available

I’ve been busy putting together paintings for my Art in the Valley show, Bicycles.  I had been eying the bikes in front of South Salem Cycleworks for some time. The show just gave me an excuse to stop and photograph them in the early morning sun.  I arrived early as they were just putting the bikes outside. The young man setting up the bikes couldn’t have been more helpful, setting out out this bike just so I could photograph it.

With it’s lovely curves and built in light, this bike really is pure nostalgia.   I wanted the painting to have the same 1950s vintage feel as the bicycle.

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