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Painted Vista

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Painted Vista, Original Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Painted Vista (watercolor 6 x 13) Available Exclusively at Art in the Valley, Corvallis, Oregon $300

During the pandemic I’ve been spending time traveling through my extensive collection photo files.  The reference photos for this painting go all the way back to a Southwestern odyssey we made in 2013.  This vista is from Painted Desert National Park in Arizona not far from the visitor center.

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Needled By Ravens

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Needled by Ravens In Drawing of A Raven Tree by Jenny Armitage

Needled by Ravens (India ink 13 x 15) $600 framed; $500 unframed

A second ink drawing of a pine tree with raven needles.  This time a used gnarled and twisted old Ponderosa Pine from the  edge of the Grand Canyon as a model.

Framed in black wood with gray and black mat.

Digitally Altered Prints Available:  8 x 10 $40; 11 x 14 $75.

Needled by Ravens on White (digitally altered pen and ink) 8 x 10 $40; 11 x 14 $75

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Small Original Painting of a Tree Atop a Cliff, By Jenny Armitage

Intrepid (Alcohol Ink 4 x 7) Sold

A little painting of a tree hanging on in hard spot.


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Valley of the Gods

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Moki Dugway View of the Valley of the Gods, a Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Looking Down From Moki Dugway (14 x 24 watercolor) SOLD

This is the view from Moki Dugway (sometimes spelled  Mokee or Moqui).   But however you spell it, it is a most spectacular pass overlooking The Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley.   Utah Highway 261 traverses north from Gooseneck Sate Park north through the Valley of the Gods, at which point it becomes a set of dirt road switchbacks yielding the some of the most amazing views of the whole southwest canyon lands area.  Those switchbacks are Moki Dugway.

We visited The Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, Bryce, Natural Bridges National, Capital Reef, and Kodachrome State Park, yet my husband found this little stretch of road the most scenic view of the trip.  I can see why.

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a fine art print.

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Blond Indians or Ladder to the Past Prelim

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Blond Indians (8 x 10) $50.00

Blond Indians (8 x 10) $50.00

This painting began as my first attempt at Ladder to the Past. As you can see I began the idea with two figures not one. Midway through I decided that a single figure would be more eye catching. So I gave this painting up and began again. The results are Ladder to the Past shown in the entry below.

But I liked Ladder to the Past so much I thought I’d finish this little painting too. And I’m glad I did. The two girls are my daughters and the ladder is of course still at Bandelier National Monument.

The palette for Blond Indians is a little larger than Ladder to the Past: quinacridone deep red rose, burnt sienna, cobalt blue, phthalo blue, yellow ocher and dioxazine purple.

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