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The Standing and the Fallen

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After the Ice Storm, Salem Oregon, Painting by Jenny Armitage

The Standing and the Fallen (16 x 23 watercolor) available

This Spring Salem, Oregon had back to back ice storms leading to many downed trees and branches.  While I mourn many of the trees lost, nature’s thinning does have it’s compensations.  One of those is that woods around our house, are an entirely new place, while still remaining beautiful.  This lit up hillside was dark, tangled,  and mossy just months ago.  Now it is bright and open.


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Millersberg, Watercolor Painting of a Nightlit Chemical Plant by Jenny Armitage

Millersberg (watercolor 20 x 23) available

I have driven past this plant on I-5 countless times at night, and have never failed to marvel how beautiful this chemical plant is under it’s own night lights.  Here it is on a rainy night.
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Spring Tangle

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Spring Tangle, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Spring Tangle (watercolor 14 x 19) Sold

This painting has sold, but you can purchase a fine art reproduction here.

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The Sant Pau Gates

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Sant Paus Gates, Painting of Sant Pau Hospital by Jenny Armitage

Sant Pau's Gates (watercolor 17 x 22) available

I was fascinated by the shadows cast by wrought iron gates in front of the Sant Pau Hospital Moderisme in Barcelona, Spain.

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Evening at the Louvre

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Evening at the Louvre, Paris Painting by Jenny Armitage

Evening at the Louvre (watercolor 14 x 22) available

The glass pyramid as seen through one of the Louvre’s arches.

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Dawn at the Station

Dawn at the Station, fine art painting by Jenny Armitage

Dawn at the Station (watercolor 16 x 23) available

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Changing in Milan

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Milano Centrale, Watercolor Painting By Jenny Armitage

Changing in Milan (14 x 21 watercolor) available

In our month long odyssey to Europe last year we had only one really long travel day, but it was a dozy.  We left London in morning  to take the train to Paris.  We boarded the train without a hitch and ate lunch as we emerged from the channel tunnel in France.  We walked the streets and had dinner in Paris. Then we boarded the night train Milan.

I’ve heard mixed reviews of the night train, but it did well for us.  Our cabin mate was a gorgeous young Frenchmen who man managed to be both chivalrous and bashful at the same time.   The cabin was spacious and the bunks comfortable. We agreed to an early bedtime and all fell asleep easily.  Which is surprising because the trip was tinged with worry because  Italy was scheduled for a railway strike, and we intended to go on from Milan to Rome.

So it was with some relief that we arrived in Milan in the wee hours to discover our connection to Rome was still on the board.  Relief and time to enjoy the beauty of the modern railway station with the morning sun lighting up the tracks’ exit to the greater world.

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