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Freight at Dusk

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Freight at Duck, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Freight at Dusk (16 x 21 watercolor) available

I drive through Albany on my way to Art in the Valley several times a month.  Crossing over the railway bridge I admire the trains, but there’s no place to pull over and stop.  So last month, I made a point of pulling into the station and walking up the bridge to photograph the trains.   I may do it again at a different time of day.

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Pumice Field at Dusk: Another Pastel

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Dusk Falls on the Pumice Field (11 x 18)  $175

Dusk Falls on the Pumice Field (11 x 18) $200

This is my second pastel.  The subject is the pumice field on the west side of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon.  The light was beautiful and I loved the way it lit up the wildflowers in the foreground, which are visually insignificant at mid day.

The support is once again Canson Mi-Teiten paper.  This time I used the rough side.

I began at the top with PanPastels’ ultramarine blue, ultramarine blue tint, burnt sienna tint and white.  The rosy hills are mostly PanPastel too.   I used magenta, violet tint, burnt sienna, burnt sienna pint, and finally a stick of purple pink soft pastel.

The tree lines are soft pastels in various combinations of an ultramarine shade, a phthalo blue, a iron oxide stick and a dark green.  The grass and pumice fields are various combinations of burnt umber, red oxide, burnt sienna in PanPastel and soft pastel sticks.  I added the gold light last soft pastel.

I added the shadowy path leading out  the foreground with purples and blue soft pastel smudged over the pumice field.

I began the red flowers by using a soft  purple pastel stick  to make dark bases for them.  I smudged the bases in and them added PanPastel red plus a little PanPastel yellow and smudged again.  I accented  them with hard yellow pastel.

For the blue flowers I made a darker purple base and drew thin marks over it in light turqouse blue which I half smudged.  Then I added blue squiggles again and again half smudged.

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Prints available from Fine Art

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