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Newly Mown

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Newly Mown, Original Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Newly Mown (watercolor 13 x 18) available

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Cool Shadows

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Cool Shadows, Painting of Joryville Hedgerows by Jenny Armitage

Cool Shadows (watercolor 13 x 18) available

Long fingers of shadow stretch out from the hedgerow trees in the fields topping Joryville Hill, Marion County, Oregon.

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Walking the Hedgerows

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Walking the Hedgerows, original painting by Jenny Armitage

Walking the Hedgerows (14 x 20 watercolor) sold

Another painting of the delicious shadows in the fields above Joryville Park, Marion County, Oregon

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Spring Flood

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Spring Flood, painting of a field by Jenny Armitage

Spring Flood (12 x 16 watercolor) $200.00

Driving the countryside around Salem, I’ve been admiring the flooded fields.   At first I was only looking as I drove places I needed to go.  Then I began taking the back roads just to more of them.  Finally, I began driving  just to see them.

This particular field is  northwest of us out toward Silverton.   I loved the silvery blue reflection of the sky 0n the water and the way the furrows pointed to the horizon.  I took several high horizon photos  to emphasize the retreating furrows, but in my reference photos the sky was flat pale gray and uninteresting so I added the cloud where furrows meet in the distance.  I also removed a a railroad trestle that ran across the back of the field because it created a solid black line just where I wanted everything to fade.

Painted with cobalt blue, cerulean blue, burnt sienna and new gamge.

Or purchase a print through my shop at Fine Art

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