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Music Day and Night or the Bear Facts

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Midnight Duet, watercolor painting of a Sax and Clarinet by Jenny Armitage

Midnight Duet (watercolor 7 x 10) available

These two little instrument paintings were done at very different times in very different moods.  I began “Midnight Duet” yesterday afternoon and worked late into the evening to do it.  Given the painting’s dramatic night time lighting that seems appropriate. 

“Noon Trio,” I began on vacation in the early morning.  I think of it as the bear painting though there are no bears in it.

Noon Trio, painting of a Jazzy Trio, by Jenny Armitage

Noon Trio (watercolor 7 x 10) available

I painted it at my brother’s woodland house above Albuquerque, which he had kindly lent us for a couple of nights.  I was working at the dining room table engrossed in the trumpet when a bump against the window caught my attention.  That was as close as I’ve ever seen a live bear.  He as only about six feet away peering curiously in.  I wasn’t terrified, but I felt very, very alive and my brain when into hyper-drive. The windows on the bear’s side of the dining room were closed, but just on the other corner they wide open.  So I stood up to close them, and the bear turned and lumbered away looking back over his shoulder just before disappearing into the forest.  I closed the rest of the downstairs windows just for good measure.

I told my father and niece at breakfast at a local cafe and got a raft of  neighborhood bear stories.  The most amusing centered around a bear reaching in through a kitchen window to sample a birthday cake.  But mostly the bears just want garbage and quickly learn which neighborhoods put out their garbage when.  I think mine was mostly curious.  “Look at the funny people.”


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Ringing in the Brass

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Ringing in the Brass, Painting of a Trombone by Jenny Armitage

Ringing in the Brass (8 x8 watercolor on clayboard) SOLD

Trombone bell resting on the bells and facing a flute. My daughter says this one has a Christmasy feel to it and I think she is right. In any case, I like the red and gold.

This painting has sold, but prints available through my print shop and Fine Art America.

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Brass and Silver Keys

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Brass and Silver Keys, Painting of a Trumpet and Flute

Brass and Silver Keys (8 x 8 watercolor on clayboard) SOLD

I painted this little baby yesterday at the gallery. I like the contrast between the silver and gold, but I wasn’t really happy with it until the shadows went in.
This painting has sold, but prints are still available through my print shop at Fine Art

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Some Assembly Required

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Flute Painting by Jenny Armitage

Some Assembly Required (8 x 10 watercolor on aquabord) SOLD

We’ve been traveling in Southwest Colorado and New Mexico the past few weeks.  I have tons of photos for Southwestern paintings.  But while I was gone, I went right on painting instruments.  I did this one at my Father’s just outside of Albuquerque.

Painted on clayboard, finished with clear acrylic, and set on a black cradle frame, this painting is ready to hang.

This painting has sold, but you may purchase a print.



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The Color of Music

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The Color of Music, Painting by Jenny Armitage

The Color of Music (16 x 20 watercolor on paper) SOLD

This is a larger and more colorful version of “Brass, Winds, and Shadows.”  I liked the first version, but I like this one better.   Besides enlarging the painting and bumping up the color, I expanded the field of view to include more of the flute.  I also made the shadows more transparent.  I think all of the changes are improvements.

Prints available through my shop at Fine Art America.

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Brass, Wind, and Shadows

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Brass Winds and Shadow, Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Brass Winds and Shadow (11 x 14 watercolor on clayboard) SOLD

Another instrument still life painting.  I did this one mostly at the gallery yesterday working on little details between customers.  I love the way the shiny brass pops in this painting, when I finished it yesterday morning I was both vaguely dissatisfied with it and puzzled over where to put a signature.  You see, I had planned the painting to be hung horizontally with the big trombone horn at the bottom, and the  so the whole bottom edge was busy and full.   Then it occurred to me that since the view was straight down, it could just as logically be hung upside down.  So I tried all four angles.  I like this upright view much better than the horizontal view I planned.   It has more visual energy, and the eye enters from the bottom left hand corner, which is the most natural entry point.

Once again painted on Ampersand’s aquabord.  This time I painted on cradled board which mean that the clayboard rests on a two inch thick wooden frame which I have painted black.  The painting may either be framed like an oil or acrylic without glass or, for a sleek modern look, hung as is.

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a print from Fine Art

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