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Four Violins

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Four Violins, Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Four Violins (16 x 20 watercolor on clayboard) available

A violin painting about rhythm and shape.

This painting is on Aquaboard, and may be framed with or without glazing.

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Singing the Cello

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Singing the Cello, a Painting of a Young Woman Playing the Cello by Jenny Armitage

Singing the Cello (10 x 13 watercolor) available

The saxophone and the cello are, for me, the two instruments that don’t just play, they sing with all the tonal freedom and nuance of the human voice.  I try to capture that freedom and nuance in this painting through color and abstraction.

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Licorice Pieces

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"Licorice Pieces" Painting of a Clarinet in Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Licorice Pieces (11 x 16 watercolor) available

Another clarinet portrait.  Orange suits it don’t you think?
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Clarinet Candy

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Clarinet Candy, An Instrument Painting by Jenny Armitage

Candy Clarinet (14 x 20 watercolor) available

A portrait of a friend’s clarinet.   She can make it sound like candy too.

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Some Assembly Required

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Flute Painting by Jenny Armitage

Some Assembly Required (8 x 10 watercolor on aquabord) SOLD

We’ve been traveling in Southwest Colorado and New Mexico the past few weeks.  I have tons of photos for Southwestern paintings.  But while I was gone, I went right on painting instruments.  I did this one at my Father’s just outside of Albuquerque.

Painted on clayboard, finished with clear acrylic, and set on a black cradle frame, this painting is ready to hang.

This painting has sold, but you may purchase a print.



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Saxy Trio

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Saxy Trio and Musical Painting by Jenny Armitage

Saxy Trio (13 x 22 watercolor on paper) Available

Three saxophones I captured at my Weathers Music photo-shoot.  I liked this particular arrangement because they  look so social, like they are singing together.  I tried to emphasize that cozy feeling in the painting.

The composition is a new one for me.  I’ve been told that just about any letter makes a good composition.  “S” is very commonly used in landscapes with roads or rivers snaking in the the interior.  “O” is often used to frame landscapes. “X” pops up all over particularly in figurative work.  I’ve seen trees form “W,” but I”ve never done it.  This is the first “W” I’ve ever done and it’s so obviously a “W” that it makes me smile.

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Big Boy

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Big Boy, Painting of a Tuba by Jenny Armitage

Big Boy (watercolor on cradled clayboard 11 x 14) Available

Tubas are big.  Yes I know you think you  knew that already, but I don’t think you’ve really grasped my point.  Tubas are big, really big.  Tubas are person sized instruments. They revile the musician in bulk. But saying it just doesn’t do the tuba justice.  So I painted this tuba big.

I don’t know how I would have gone about painting the tuba from this angle working from life.  Taking the reference photo was easy.  I propped the tuba up against two chairs so it wouldn’t fall and lay down on the ground to photograph it looking up.  It’s the classic big general shot.  And unlike many generals, the tuba really is big. Did I mention it’s big?

Painted on cradled aquabord and finished with clear acrylic finish and black sides, this painting is ready to hang.


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