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Horsing Around With Accordions

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Horsing Around With Accordian, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Horsing Around With Accordions (watercolor 17x20) SOLD

Buskers with wearing horse-heads and playing the accordion are standard Vienna fare. We heard these three coming to and going from The Leopold. They were loud, enthusiastic and good, playing both traditional folk and a few pop pieces. But mostly they are just visually fun.

—This painting has sold, but you can still¬†purchase a fine art print.

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With Feeling

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With Feeling, Painting of a Violinist by Jenny Armitage

With Feeling (watercolor 16 x 23) available

I don’t normally use the photographs of others as the basis for my paintings, but I saw a picture of this lovely young woman so wrapped up in her music and it moved me. I just had to paint her. Fortunately for me, the photographer August Miller was willing to let me use his amazing photo in return for a donation to a The Rape Recovery Center. That I was happy to do, and here is the painting.

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Singing the Cello

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Singing the Cello, a Painting of a Young Woman Playing the Cello by Jenny Armitage

Singing the Cello (10 x 13 watercolor) available

The saxophone and the cello are, for me, the two instruments that don’t just play, they sing with all the tonal freedom and nuance of the human voice.¬† I try to capture that freedom and nuance in this painting through color and abstraction.

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