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Stone-Drop Before the Bridge

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Stone Drop Before the Bridge, Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Stone-Drop Before the Bridge (watercolor 13 x 18) $600 unframed

Water is ever fascinating.  This time it is the ripple pattern caused by a stone landing the the Llangollen Canal, in Shropshire, England that caught my eye.

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Moored Garden

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Moored Garden, Original Painting of a Narrowboat, by Jenny Armitage

Moored Garden (watercolor 17 x 23) $1200 framed; $1000 unframed

Another painting from our narrowboating trip on the Llangollen. This time there’s actually a narrowboat in the painting, not to mention the canal itself. I took the reference photo for this painting not far from Ellesmere.

Framed in brushed antique silver metal with a white mat.

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