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Freight at Dusk

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Freight at Duck, Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Freight at Dusk (16 x 21 watercolor) available

I drive through Albany on my way to Art in the Valley several times a month.  Crossing over the railway bridge I admire the trains, but there’s no place to pull over and stop.  So last month, I made a point of pulling into the station and walking up the bridge to photograph the trains.   I may do it again at a different time of day.

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Foggy Morning on the Old Railway Bridge

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Foggy Morning on the Railway Bridge, a Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Foggy Morning on the Railway Bridge II (12 x 17 watercolor) SOLD

I’ve always heard that art is therapeutic.  And perhaps it is for some people, but not for me.  When I’m depressed, I get in fights with paintings and I lose all sense of self  judgment.  Everything I paint, I deem of no value.  Sometimes I’m right.  Sometimes I’m not.

I painted these three almost identical views of the old Salem railway bridge about two years ago during a fit of depression.  They are the survivors of perhaps six different attempts.  I doubt the ones I threw away were all that much different.  In the end I put the project aside in frustration and painted other easier things.

Foggy Morning on the Railway Bridge III Painting by Jenny Armitage

Foggy Morning on the Railway Bridge III (12 x 16 watercolor on clayboard) Available

About a week ago, when getting ready for the Silverton Fine Arts Festival (last weekend) and the Artisan Village at the Oregon State Fair (next weekend),  I discovered that I had sold so much this last year, that I was in some danger of not having enough art to fill the space.  So I looked back through some of my older work for things to frame and found these old bridge paintings.  Looking at them now, I can’t figure out why I didn’t like them.  They do exactly what I wanted them to do.  They capture the foggy morning atmosphere, and they give a sense of how much the trestle draw bridge feels like an open cathedral.

Foggy Morning on the Railway Bridge I (12 x 18 watercolor) Available

Because version number two was painted on clayboard, I didn’t even have to frame it to hang it.  The painting got a surprising amount of attention considering that I hung it on the back side of my booth.   Several people asked if there were prints available.  So I promised that by this evening I would get the painting on line.  And here, they are.

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