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A Few Alcohol Ink Mini Paintings

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These are my very first alcohol ink paintings. The process is fast and exciting if not exactly controllable. Each of these paintings was completed in under thirty minutes working on Yupo with an eyedropper, cotton ball, cotton swab, gravity, and a mister. The good news it creates beautiful glowing results almost by magic. The bad news is that over half the painting made this way are fit only for the trash. These are the winners:

Blue Mountains I, Small Original Painting, by Jenny Armitage

Blue Mountains I (alcohol ink 5 x 6) available

Blue Mountains II, Small Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Blue Mountains II (Alcohol Ink 5 x 7) SOLD

Blue Mountains III, an Small Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Blue Mountain III (alcohol ink 5 x 7) available


Blue Cliffs, Original Alchohol Ink Painting by Jenny Armitage

Blue Cliffs (Alcohol Ink 4 x 7) available

Coastal Moon, Small Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Coastal Moon (alcohol ink 4 x 6) SOLD


Cliff Dwellers (alcohol ink 5.5 x 7) SOLD



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A Painting to Inspire Jazz Improvisation

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Pacific Rhythms, Seascape, by Jenny Armitage

Pacific Rhythms (18 x 36 watercolor) Commissioned

I painted this seascape for the most marvelous client.  Her request charmed me.   She wanted a seascape with no figures or land masses, beach, or boats; just waves, sky, and clouds.   The waves and clouds must be rhythmic to inspire jazz improvisation.  The painting must be large enough to fill the space above her piano.

The project presented some challenges, most of them having to do with size.  Standard watercolor sheets are only 24 x 30 inches.  She wanted a painting that was 36 inches wide, so the paper had to be special ordered.  I don’t have an easel large enough to accommodate a painting this size, so I used my studio table.  When I taped the paper to my studio table, there was no room left for water and brushes.  To see how the painting looked from five feet back, I had to stand on a chair.

The other challenge had to do with how to create a path through the painting for the eye.  I decided on a sideways “u” beginning on the bottom left following the breakers in and return across the horizon and out through a break in the clouds.

I presented it to the client this morning and I’m happy to say she loved it.  It’s at the framers now.

The original belongs to a lovely pianist, but prints are available here.


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