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Winter Stream

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Winter Stream, Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

Winter Stream (watercolor 15 x 21) available

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Langollen Reflections

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Green Reflections, Original Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Llangollen Reflections (watercolor 17 x 23) sold

I took the reference photo I used for this painting on the Llangollen Canal, from our narrowboat rental.  But it could be still water and trees, just about anywhere.


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Beginning to Melt

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Beginning to Melt, original watercolor of melting snow, by Jenny Armitage

Beginning to Melt (15 x 22) Sold


One more painting of Croisan Creek Trail.  This time after bit of snow.

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On The Rocks

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On The Rocks, Original Watercolor Painting by Jenny Armitage

On the Rocks (watercolor 17 x 23) available

Yet another painting from our favorite local hike, Opal Creek, Oregon.  There are just so many standout views on this hike.

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Llangollen Canal

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The Bridge in Our Wake, Watercolor of the Llangollen Canal by Jenny Armitage

The Bridge in Our Wake (watercolor 15 x 19) SOLD

This is the beautifully rural Llangollen Canal, near Llangollen, Wales.  As you can see from the wake, I took the reference photos for this painting looking back over the stern of our little narrowboat.   To be ridiculously specific, this Bridge 36W looking back towards Trevor Basin on the last leg of our journey to Llangollen itself.  Its idyllic up there.


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Waking Forest

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Waking Forest, Original Painting of a Nymph by Jenny Armitage

Waking Forest (watercolor 13 x 18) available

A Columbia Gorge nymph emerges out of the landscape.

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Perhaps Persephone?

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Persephone in Autumn, An Original Painting by Jenny Armitage

Perhaps Persephone (watercolor 16 x 22) SOLD

Initially, this painting was inspired by a bird’s nest left over from last Spring.  Looking at the nest, the woman with bird’s nest hair and the whitewater dress rising from the ground just came to me.  She became Persephone as painted her.  Now she is drowsily sinking back into the earth before her return to Hades and the Underworld. She’ll be back in the Spring.


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Wet Summer in Big Sky Country

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Wet Summer in Big Sky Country a Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Wet Summer in Big Sky Country (watercolor 10 x 14) (SOLD)

I grew up in the mountain-west.   It’s dry country.  On the plains it’s high desert.  In the mountains it’s not exactly a desert, but it sure isn’t lush either.   This summer, it was wet all across the mountain states.  Wyoming was green.   Let me repeat that, sage brush covered Wyoming was green. Yellowstone was positively lush with green grass. The park probably had twice it’s usual allotment of wet land.

This is the east side of Yellowstone National Park above the lake, but below Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. The colors looked like spring, but the grass was much too long.  The silver stream is really just endless wet ground—a spontaneous marsh, made just for this year.  But between the cloud shadows and the sky reflecting on the water it was beautiful.

I painted it conventionally beginning with the sky and stream, then building up the greens layer by layer.  To get all those shades of green I used three blues (cobalt, phthalo, and cerulean) and two yellows (quinacridone god and yellow ocher). In addition I used burnt sienna and quinacridone deep red rose.

This painting has sold, but you may purchase a print from my gallery at Fine Art America.

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Silver Stream

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Sliver Stream (watercolor 5 x7) SOLD

Like yesterday’s paintings, I did this little watercolor at the gallery last Wednesday.  Postcard sized paintings work really well for gallery shifts.  Space at the gallery for painting is limited and I want to be able to drop whatever I am doing to greet and talk to patrons.  At this scale there’s hardly ever a bad moment to stop painting.

These little paintings make good sketches for working out larger work too. It’s so much easier to experiment with composition when the paper I’m risking is only 5 x 7.

The subject is Agate Beach in Newport at sunset.  If the stream has a name, I don’t know it.  And it wouldn’t surprise me to discover it seasonal runoff.  It’s course over the sand varies every time I visit.  But it’s always wide and shallow.  This Spring the it’s mouth was over fifty feet wide and perhaps two or  three inches deep.  I liked the silver reflections in the late evening and early mornings.

The palette is burnt sienna, new gamgee (yellow), quinacridone deep red rose, cobalt blue and phthalo blue.  I painted the sunset colors in tandem working first in the sky and then in the reflections and back again to the sky as I added new colors.  I began with the yellows, then worked along through the oranges, reds, and purples.  The purple is phthalo blue and quinacridone.

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