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Llangollen Canal

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The Bridge in Our Wake, Watercolor of the Llangollen Canal by Jenny Armitage

The Bridge in Our Wake (watercolor 15 x 19) SOLD

This is the beautifully rural Llangollen Canal, near Llangollen, Wales.  As you can see from the wake, I took the reference photos for this painting looking back over the stern of our little narrowboat.   To be ridiculously specific, this Bridge 36W looking back towards Trevor Basin on the last leg of our journey to Llangollen itself.  Its idyllic up there.


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Moored Garden

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Moored Garden, Original Painting of a Narrowboat, by Jenny Armitage

Moored Garden (watercolor 17 x 23) Sold

Another painting from our narrowboating trip on the Llangollen. This time there’s actually a narrowboat in the painting, not to mention the canal itself. I took the reference photo for this painting not far from Ellesmere.

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Welsh Farmhouse

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Late Afternoon Denbighshire, Original Landscape by Jenny Armitage

Late Afternoon Denbighshire (watercolor 17 x 23) available

We are just back from a narrowboating trip on the Llangollen Canal in North Wales.  Paradoxically, we spent much of our week’s boat rental walking on dry land both along the canal and into the countryside.  This particular walk was along part of the Offa’s Dyke Path just a few miles west of Chirk Marina.  The typical slate farmhouse in the mid-ground was visible for most of our late afternoon walk. 

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View From the Cloister

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View From the Cloister, A Watercolor of Westminster Abbey By Jenny Armitage

View From The Cloister (watercolor 15 x 23) SOLD

This is Westminster Abbey as seen through the wrought iron work of the cloister.  It is the view visitors now see just before they exit the abbey complex.   But for hundreds of years it was the view seen by the monks on their way to services.

This painting has sold but you may still purchase a fine art print.

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Brasenose Lane

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Brasenose Lane, Original Painting of Oxford, by Jenny Armitage

Brasenose Lane (watercolor 15 x 21) SOLD

Another painting of Oxford.  It is after all one of the most beautiful cities to walk there is. 

This painting has sold, but you can still purchase a fine art print.

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Saint Pauls Cathedral

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A Spire of Saint Pauls, Painting the Cathedral by Jenny Armitage

A Spire of Saint Paul's (11 x 15 watercolor) available

This is one of the twin clock tower spires of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London.  I love Saint Paul’s Cathedral though it is nothing like the Gothic Cathedrals I fell in love with on my first trip the England.  Unlike England’s early cathedrals, Saint Paul’s was designed by a single man, Sir Christopher Wren and built over just thirty years.  The result is a clean coherent building rather unlike the the quirky cathedrals I first admired.

Wren designed and saw built numerous churches in the vicinity to compliment and be complimented by the cathedral.   But in the London Blitz practically the entire neighborhood was bombed and burned to the ground.  The cathedral is now surrounded by modern offices.  The Millennium Bridge now leads directly to it providing a very modern show case for Wren’s jewel.

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Pausing Before the Bridge

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Pausing Before the Bridge, Watercolor of the Bridge of Sighs by Jenny Armitage

Bridge of Sighs (13 x 19 watercolor) SOLD

This is Hertford Bridge, more commonly known as the The Bridge o Sighs, after the The Bridge of Sighs in Venice.   It connects the two quads of Hertford College, in Oxford, England.  It doesn’t really resemble Venice’s Bridge of Sighs, but it is beautiful, and quintessentially Oxford.  We visited in the late afternoon when street was beautifully shadowed.

This painting has sold but you can still  purchase a fine art print.
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