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Scroll Bouquet

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Violins Painting by Jenny Armitage

Scroll Bouquet (14 x 18 acrylic on board) available

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Four Violins

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Four Violins, Watercolor by Jenny Armitage

Four Violins (16 x 20 watercolor on clayboard) available

A violin painting about rhythm and shape.

This painting is on Aquaboard, and may be framed with or without glazing.

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With Feeling

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With Feeling, Painting of a Violinist by Jenny Armitage

With Feeling (watercolor 16 x 23) available

I don’t normally use the photographs of others as the basis for my paintings, but I saw a picture of this lovely young woman so wrapped up in her music and it moved me. I just had to paint her. Fortunately for me, the photographer August Miller was willing to let me use his amazing photo in return for a donation to a The Rape Recovery Center. That I was happy to do, and here is the painting.

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Jazz Improvisation One

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Jazz Improvisation One, digital painting by Jenny Armitage

Jazz Improvisation (digital collage) prints only

I’ve been been playing around with digital drawing and collage the last year or so.    I began by drawing silhouettes with the mouse.  I then use the silhouettes to sample various watercolor backgrounds I have painted and then photographed.   I’ve been using the results to make design mugs, tees, smartphone cases, ties and other things on Zazzle for sale in my Paintbox Silhouette shop.   Just lately though, I’ve been taking this a step further and creating digital paintings or collages.   This image includes five watercolor backgrounds and four hand moused silhouettes and over twenty digital layers.

I began with simpler but more graphic images like these:


Rainbow Violins, painting by Jenny Armitage

Rainbow String of Violins (digital collage) prints only

Cool Sax Band, digital collage by painter Jenny Armitage

Cool Sax Band (digital collage) prints only

These simpler images involve fewer layers by utilize the same hand drawn silhouettes and watercolor backgrounds.

All of my digital collages are available here as prints on paper, metal, or canvas.

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Graphic Art and Art

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Quintet in Color (watercolor on claybord 14 x 18") SOLD

Recently I’ve been doing some graphic art to sell on Zazzle a print on demand site that sells mugs, ties, business cards, phone cases, coasters, T-shirts and a variety of other useful things.  My particular corner of Zazzle, is called Paintbox Silhouette.  There I sell images like these on a variety of products:

Goose Pile



Color-washed Rooster

Golden Trumpets

Earth Apple

This work is a combination of silhouettes I drew with the mouse in Photoshop Elements and watercolor backgrounds  photographed and manipulated with Photoshop.  This kind of computer drawing and collage is  incredibly fun to do.  But, while fun, comparing this kind of work to making paintings is like comparing candy to a full meal.  It’s quick and fun, but doesn’t lead to the same ultimate satisfaction.  However I did learn some valuable skills, including how to do my value sketches with the mouse.

Lollypop Violins and Violas

More importantly, one kind of art inspires another.   The image for mugs above, is my inspiration for this latest painting.

This painting has sold, but you may still purchase a print at my print shop.

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