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Jim Coe: Art Head Start

Jim Coe is a digital artist, a fine art photographer, a writer and a teacher.  His digital art glows with light.  Coe is generous with his knowledge.  Head Start Art is not just a place to showcase his artwork; it is a place to learn about digital art.  And his art will make you want to learn.
Powers Fine Art

Ken Powers paints still lifes with charm and wit.  Seen through his eyes, locks, water-taps, broken instruments, and hats are all beautiful. 
Marsha Elliot

Marsha Elliot is one of my favorites.  With seeming ease, Marsha creates luminous watercolors of people and places.  With or without figures, her paintings burgeon with life.  See more of her work on Facebook.
Pat Purdy

Canadian artist Pat Purdy paints abstracts and landscapes that vibrate with color and energy. She makes the very most of the bright clear colors of acrlyics. 
Viet Tran

Canadian Viet Tran is a master of paper-collage.  He does not apply oil, acrylic, or any other media. His collage is a combination of many layers of tiny colored pieces ripped from magazines glued on paperboard and coated with anti-UV gel.

Paulo J. Mendes paints postcard sized paintings inspired by the traditional architecture, people, and countryside of Portugal.  Although small, his paintings are full to bursting with lively details.
Creative Dialog

Mark Bergen is a painter with a taste for bright colors and whimsey.  Visit the happily skewed world of Mark Bergen's blog.